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Fired Up team is aimed to elevate your brand awareness in the digital world. The spectrum of our services goes from creating a simple logo to complexe tasks of company rebranding. Whether you need a simple landing page, a promo video or social media campaign - our team is here to help.

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How does it work?

Sales funnel

  • 1


    Building awareness about you
    or the problem you address

  • 2


    Teaching people how to
    choose a solution

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    Teaching people how to
    choose a solution

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The possibilities of social media are endless, and our team erases the edge of understanding what is possible and what is impossible and truly makes your business socially developed from the first month of work.


As long as Google and other search engines exist, SEO will always dominate. We will boost you on the first pages by using your relevant keywords earlier and easier than other companies do.


Video marketing plays a very important role in the development of a brand on the Internet, especially if the quality of traffic depends on the video. You will get selling videos in any form that will easily convert your viewers into leads after each launch.


Thanks, Google Ads and other advertising platforms, in symbiosis with content marketing, we’ll get you hooked with orders in the very first month of an advertising campaign that you’ll have to ask us to stop traffic.

Web Design

Every student can build a website, but not everyone can make it sell. Years of studying the psychology of sales gave our team the opportunity to provoke sales on the site from the very first seconds of being on it, whether it is a heavy online store or a simple landing.

Graphic Design

You can draw beautiful stuff, or you can draw a pic that sells. We do all two points at the same time, combining beautiful design with selling headlines so that your potential customers are not only touched by the design but also are making transactions.

Ready in 1-2 weeks

Suitable for:
portfolio websites, service pages, advertising campaigns

Landing page

(starting at) $1,500 CAD

  • Clean Design
  • Device-Responsive
  • UX Optimization
  • CTA Optimization
  • Domain + Hosting
  • Call Tracking Dashboard
  • 1 Page
  • Bilingual

Ready in 4-6 weeks

Suitable for:
agencies, restaurants, bars, local and small - medium businesses


(starting at) $4,500 CAD

  • Clean Interactive Design
  • Device-Responsive
  • UX Optimization
  • CTA Optimization
  • Domain + Hosting
  • 10 Page
  • Bilingual

Ready in 8-10 weeks

Suitable for:
retail businesses that want to start selling online


(starting at) $7,000 CAD

  • Clean Interactive Design
  • E-commerce
  • Product Page CRO
  • Shipping & Taxes
  • Device-Responsive
  • UX Optimization
  • CTA Optimization
  • 20 Products Included

Ready in 10-12 weeks

Suitable for:
any business that has unique services and design


(starting at) $8,500 CAD

  • Custom Unique Design
  • Custom Functionality
  • Device-Responsive
  • UX Optimization
  • CTA Optimization
  • 10 Pages

Our latest cases

let the results speak for themselves


Documents legalization



  • Outdated business page
  • No CRM system
  • Outdated website

Firedup impact on the business:

  • 13.72% Facebook page likes monthly growth
  • 6.92% Post engagement rate
  • 16,290 Monthly post reach
  • 50+ Monthly post shares
  • Fast and modern looking website
  • Fully automated CRM system
  • Brand refresh

Ghenadie Cristel

Allstate Insurance

Facebook Business Page


  • No online presence
  • No business branding

Firedup impact on the business:

  • 5.60% Facebook page likes monthly growth
  • 3,240 Monthly post reach
  • 23.57% Post engagement rate
  • 230+ Monthly post shares
  • Kept top salesman position for several months
  • 900+ Monthly post likes
  • Effective video marketing

Your Ticket Solution

Legal services



  • No website
  • No branding

Firedup impact on the business:

  • Fast and modern looking website
  • Fully automated CRM system
  • Established branding guidelines

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What our customers say

Dima Feen

Web platform owner


"If you have your own business, then to not know Fired Up is an amature ommision! A huge amount of technology promotion today stride faster than ever, in the hands these guys there are effective tools that lead customers to you. We live in a century when ignoring those techniques is an unacceptable mistake and only leads to staying in one place in the world of business."

Andrey Platonov

Specialized construction services


We do windows and doors and we are specialized contractors. As soon as we started dealing with Fired Up Enterprises. What got our attention was how quick and efficient these guys are! In business you have to be proactive and maneuver around - make solid decisions and make them fast. Fired Up, we thank you for being so sharp and getting straight to the point.

Keep up with all your efforts. Thank you once again!

Nikita Litvinenko

Musclemania Men's Physique Pro Coach


It was my first experience, I wanted to create a promo video for my business. Every single expectation was not just met but went beyond. Very professional and effective team. Strongly recommend to everyone! Trust the professionals!

Alex Pavlenko

Web platform owner


Thank you guys for organizing the event, I listened with pleasure all reports about marketing. For myself, I found interesting ideas. I will try to implement.